Write the vision

Updated: Aug 13, 2019

The feather symbolizes heavenly visions and messages. A vision from heaven breaks our limitation and leads us to prepare our heart for what He has planned for us. His voice breaks our hopelessness and brings peace, hope and glorious future. When we hold them tight and wait upon Him by faith, it will surely come.

Writing or painting visions itself doesn't have any power, but if it is for remembering, meditating on and believing in what He has shown and spoken to us with a whole heart by faith, it becomes one of ways to put our faith in action in the Holy Spirit. It will empower us to guard our heart and guide our steps until our faithful Father fulfills everything. What did He speak to you? What did He show to you? Do not give up. Do not allow your enemies to steal the vision through your unbelief. Write the vision on your heart by faith and wait for it. Trust in Him. It will not delay.

Then the LORD answered me and said, "Write the vision and engrave it plainly on [clay] tablets so that the one who reads it will rum. For the vision is yet for the appointed [future] time it hurries toward the goal [of fulfillment]; it will not fail. Even though it delays, wait [patiently] for it, because it will certainly come; it will not delay."

(Habakkuk 2:2-3 AMP)

"Call to Me and I will answer you, and tell you [and even show you] great and mighty things, [things which have been confined and hidden], which you do not know and understand and cannot distinguish."

(Jeremiah 33:3 AMP)

Write the vision 16"X20"X 2pcs / Ink on arches paper / 2019

Into the complete darkness

A feather dropped from heaven

A vision from heaven opens my eyes

A message from heaven opens my mind

I hold it

I meditate on it

Until the living stream creates a way for me

Until the rainbow light spreads on my heart

Write the vision

It will certainly come

# Nam0225

Art & Poem by Yoonsoo Nam

Website: https://namyoonsooart.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/namyoonsooart Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/namyoonsooart

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