The glory after the fire

Updated: Aug 13, 2019

I had never repainted my finished works until He asked me to paint over the painting "Gates" to deliver the message behind. The painting "Gates" was one of live paintings on 2017 and I wrote the poem; "I see many gates everywhere. The gates of His Kingdom are all over. He is overflowing through us. We are the gates of Yahweh. Arise one body! Position yourself! Open your heart! All His promises will be fulfilled."

Few weeks ago He asked me to cover the painting with dark colors. I sensed that He was making the vibrant city of gates to go through the fire. Suddenly it seemed like the city in ruins. I felt no more hope and life in the painting. Then He led my hands to grab the palette knife to scratch the painting all over. It was about the process of suffering and surrendering that revealed hidden colors like lights in the complete darkness. It was really beautiful enough but He wanted to show me how He pours out the greater glory after the fire. Then He put all the gold colors on the painting.

We all need to go through the process of fire to be the vessel of glory. His consuming fire consumes every former things and make everything nothing. From the ashes He births the new beauty through Christ. From the place of complete surrendering, He prepares us as mature sons to show His greater glory like never before by the Holy Spirit. Like this painting shifted to the brand new painting, when we let go of the old, He always fills us with the new which is more powerful and glorious than the old!

"I can only baptize you in this river, but he will baptize you into the Spirit of holiness and into his raging fire." (Luke 3:16 TPT)

The glory after the fire 48"x30” / Acrylic and ink on canvas / 2019

Beautiful colors disappeared

Open gates destroyed

Everything burned by the fire

Everything turned to ashes

No hope

No life

Nothing there

Nothing exists

Then the glory comes

Then the glory moves

Everything shifted

Everything changed

Teach us Your way

The glory after the fire

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Art & Poem by Yoonsoo Nam




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