The fruitful life. Look beyond what you see. Show your true colors

BLACK and GOLD combination series

The fruitful life

14”x11”. Ink and acrylic on paper. 2020

A good seed bears good fruit

No matter what is going on outside

What is on the inside is what matters

If you have received the seed of light

You will become the tree of light

Your fruitful life will shine so brightly

In the midst of darkness

Let the light shine through your life


Look beyond what you see

15”x11”. Ink and acrylic on paper. 2020

Do not judge by your appearance

Value what is inside of you

Look beyond what you see

Believe who is in you by faith

Like a single seed bears much fruit

Know your life is not about you

You are the glory carrier

Let the glory be multiplied through your life


Show your true colors

15”x11” / Ink and acrylic on paper / 2020

When life really squeezes you

What is already on the inside comes out

No one can deny what you have inside

Show your true colors

The color of courage

The color of hope

The color of love

Make every situation to radiate your colors


Art and Poem by Yoonsoo Nam


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