Look at all the birds

Updated: Aug 13, 2019

All the natural things we think are actually supernatural. All things exist because of Him who is supernatural. Even though we don't aware this truth many times, He continually speaks to us through all things which are very common and insignificant to us with our physical eyes but actually very special and significant enough to tell us our heavenly Father loves us and cares for us. We need to hear His gentle voice enlightening our spiritual eyes to see the reality everyday.

We don't deserve anything. But, all things that we see, hear, smell, taste and feel, all things we have and experience exist because of His amazing love for us. Don't worry about anything. Just praise our good Father! Just give thanks to Jesus! Just rest in the Holy Spirit!

"Look at all the birds - do you think they worry about their existence? They don't plant or reap or store up food, yet your heavenly Father provides them each with food. Aren't you much more valuable to your Father than they?" (Matthew 6:26 TPT)

Look at all the birds 16”x40”x3pcs / Ink and acrylic on canvas / 2019

Look at all the birds Look at all the beautiful flowers They exist because of your Father Aren’t you much more valuable to your Father?

Look at all the natural things in your life Look at all the beautiful moments of your life They exist because of your Father Don’t you know your Father cares for you?

Live today in His love Don’t worry about anything but trust in Him Look at all the living messages from Him Look at the heaven displayed in your life

‭# Nam0236‬

Art & Poem by Yoonsoo Nam

Website: https://namyoonsooart.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/namyoonsooart Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/namyoonsooart

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