Flow in You

Without His Spirit, I cannot paint anything as I can do nothing apart from Him. Always I need to wait upon Him silently. And then suddenly He starts a new painting. New visions. New colors. New atmospheres. New dimensions. New songs. New touches... Art is such a journey to cultivate my heart in His living water and to be united with Him to know Him in a deeper way.

"Remain in Me, and I [will remain] in you. Just as no branch can bear fruit by itself without remaining in the vine, neither can you [bear fruit, producing evidence of your faith] unless you remain in Me."

(John15:4 AMP)

Flow in You

40”x16”. Acrylic on canvas. 2021

I empty myself

Like a blank paper

Receive my pure heart

Fill me with Your fragrance

Lead me by Your wind

Silently I flow in You

I leave my life to You

To be the resting place

Time stands still

You hold my hands

You look at my eyes

Unceasingly I flow in You

Art & Poem by Yoonsoo Nam


아무것도 없는

빈 종이가 되기를

그 정결한 마음에

그의 향기를 담아

그의 바람에 이끌려

나 오늘도 흘러가리

모든 것을 맡기고

영원한 쉼으로

그 멈춰버린 시간 속에서

그의 손을 맞잡고

그의 눈을 마주하며

나 언제나 흘러가리

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