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"I saw one touch of paintbrush on canvas exploded the brilliant light in my vivid dream at night. That caused me to start this artful journey by faith.

My goal is for my art to be the beauty and the light that release love, joy, peace, hope, faith and all heavenly frequencies. Every creativity overflows from the Creator God through Christ in the Holy Spirit and the unseen reality in me comes out through limitless styles of art with dots and lines, colors and stories. My paintings are portals that open the invisible to the visible and bring heaven to earth.

I believe artists are called to change the world by creating true beauty and light. And I hope the unique expression of my art bypasses our mind and touch our inner most being to change the world from the inside out."

Yoonsoo Nam is a visual artist who paints the spiritual reality with unique colors and anointed poems that carry deep meanings and symbols. Her art is not only beautiful but also profound. She embodies the living Word of God through metaphorical expressions of simple dots, lines and textures to release love to the world. Her inspirational paintings and poems have been impacting many people in various countries. 

She was born in Seoul, Korea, graduated from Ewha Womans University with BFA and MFA. Currently she paints in Lewisville, Texas, United States.  

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