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"More I become one with the living light inside of me, the beauty of the living light flows like water through colors.

It burns like fire through my canvases. It drenches our hearts silently and passionately. 

My paintings are like portals that release new frequencies to unlock new things in our being. Love, joy, peace, healing, breakthrough... anything can overflow from the unseen reality in us through ART.

True beauty has power to change everything. 

True light has power to transform every soul and mind.

Create the beauty. Shine the light."

Yoonsoo Nam is a visual artist who paints unique pictures from the Heavenly realm to create the beauty and release the light to the world. Through her exhibitions, live paintings, website and facebook, her paintings and poems have been impacting many souls in various countries. She was born in Seoul, Korea, graduated from Ewha Womans University with Bachelor of Fine Arts and Master of Fine Arts. Currently she creates her paintings in Lewisville, Texas, United States.  

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