"Art is the great gift and tool

to worship Him with all my heart

and soul and mind and strength. 

My art is not for pleasing myself or others. 

My art is worship. 

It's my dream. It's my reason. 

It's what I was made for. I'm running for the goal that was given me through Christ."

Art & Worship


 I was born in Seoul in 1979, Korea and grew up in a Christian family.  God gave me artistic talents for His purpose. Any drawing, painting and crafts were always such a joy into my heart. When I was a high school student, I decided to study art in university for sharpening my gifts from the Lord for His glory and graduated from Ewha Womans University, Korea with Bachelor of Fine Arts and Master of Fine Arts. I had been making artworks by inspiration and creativity in spirit and in truth, and because of His love and excellence, my artworks always carried special frequencies to shine His light.  


But it was irony that after I graduated from all my study and training as a fine artist, I decided to study theology to be a pastor and graduated from Seoul Jangshin Theological Seminary with Master of Divinity. I thought being a pastor was the best way to love Him and serve Him with my whole heart. I dropped every part of art in my life and devoted my life to serve churches as a minister. 

In 2009, few years later, He led me to TX, USA to study more and I graduated from CFNI. I truly believed I was running for His will in my life. But actually I missed the huge part of my calling, "art".

Whenever I prayed, He was talking to me through images in spirit and I wanted to keep the stories, colors and pictures in visions and dreams He showed me. That made me to have a small drawing journal and it was the very first step of restoration to fulfill my destiny. I had been praying for His Kingdom come and His will be done in my life and through my life for 21 days, and one day suddenly I had a very strong desire to paint for real again. Yes, finally, I realized how to love Him and worship Him as who I am.

I see my paintings carry His light and shine the light to the darkness to represent who our Father is and what is His heart to the body of Christ and this world.


I'll draw His message and paint His heart. I'll paint for the one who is alive in me and reveal His Kingdom and His glory. This is why I paint. I will worship Him forever and ever. 

I surrender all to my King. All glory and honor and praise unto Him! 


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