Art & Worship

My Destiny

Art is the great gift and tool to worship Him with all my heart and soul and mind and strength. My art is not for pleasing myself or others. My art is worship. It's my dream. It's my reason. It's what I was made for. I'm running for the goal that was given me through Christ. 

Art & Poem

My Heart

Whenever I finish a painting, I write a poem. It's from the intimacy with Him and that carries His message and heart. It interprets the very meanings behind the color and composition of each painting. It's inspiration. It's revelation.

It's wisdom. It's love. 

Art & Children

My Vision

I love children. They are so pure and mysterious. Art can help them express not only their thoughts and emotions but also what they see and feel in the spiritual realm. They can bring the Heaven to the earth through art. They are already artists! They only need to be trained in spirit and truth. 

Art & Design

My Delight

Original artworks produce different kinds of prints, gifts and designs. I'm so honored to see my artworks being a part of people's lives. It's such a joy to my heart. And I believe every product will shine the light!

Art & Interior

My Mission

Unique paintings create very unique atmosphere. One painting can change everything. I believe that my artworks carry the frequency of Heaven! 

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