Art & Children



Every child is important for His Kingdom!  

They can be the mighty warriors. They can be the fearless messengers. They can be the love and the hope to the world.

If they do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of their mind, all the world will see the light! They just need to be trained!

Creativity is from God Him alone. He has everything; beauty,  power and wisdom... If children learn the way to engage in the spiritual realm by Holy Spirit and express what they see and experience through artistic gifts inside of them, they can bring the mysterious Kingdom of God to the earth. People will be healed, delivered and set free.  Everyone will encounter Him through the light in each artwork of children who live in His Kingdom.

Art Lesson & Workshop

My art lessons and workshops are offered to anyone who has a desire to learn how to use art in spirit and truth.

Please feel free to message me. 

Online Lessons are available too!


Art Ministry of Creativity & Excellence


"I love children. They are so pure and mysterious. Art can help them express not only their thoughts and emotions but the spirit and the truth inside of them. They can bring the Heaven to the earth through art. They are already artists, the children of creator! They only need to be trained more to restore who they are in spirit and truth."

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